10 Tips for Designing the Best Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking, dining and entertaining outside in your outdoor kitchen has something luxurious about it, don’t you think?
If you want to enjoy the long summer evenings outside you will appreciate these inspiring outdoor kitchen ideas.

Tips to design a great outdoor kitchen:

An outdoor kitchen can be filled with many architectural details and in the same time very practical. Think about what features you'd like to include in your outdoor kitchen, such as a grill, sink, or refrigerator and build around them. When planning your outdoor kitchen remember to:

  1. Verify that the place is structurally fitted to support the kitchen's additional weight.
  2. Plan it to withstand your climate's weather conditions. Just dreaming about a great outdoor kitchen is not enough, you need to plan according to your climate as well.
  3. Select durable materials such as granite or other stone. Make sure all countertop surfaces and hardware are recommended for exterior use.

Outdoor kitchen made with St.
  Cecilia granite by  Luxury Countertops
Outdoor kitchen made with St. Cecilia granite by Luxury Countertops

  1. Plan the lights well to making the most of your outside kitchen. Be sure to exterior lighting. And do not let to chance the outlets. You need them in some specific places and to have more than needed is kind of difficult.
  2. Choosing the right appliances for the outdoor kitchen is not easy. But keep in mind that the small appliances might be enough for the outdoor kitchen. They have the benefits of being more affordable, needing smaller-spaces and using less energy.
  3. You will need a water source, because cooking without water is a NO, NO. Try to include even a small bar-size sink, as close to the grill as possible.

Outdoor kitchen by Better
  Homes and Gardens
Outdoor kitchen by Better Homes and Gardens

  1. Plan the storage room and make sure you include enough cabinets. You will need room for pullout trash and recycling bins, utensils, baskets, glasses, and cleaning supplies.
  2. Make everything easy to clean. Think about wind, animals, grass and garden debris.
  3. Protect the outdoor kitchen and shields it from the rain and snow to extending its life.
  4. Prepare an overhead shelter. Include in your design a full or a partial roof, a pergola, or an outdoor umbrella, but be prepare for rain, wind, even extra-sunny days.

Outdoor kitchen
  with Typhoon Bordeaux countertops by Luxury Countertops
Outdoor kitchen with Typhoon Bordeaux countertops by Luxury Countertops

Of course there are other important things to consider when planning an luxurious outdoor kitchen, therefore please share your experiences with us. Contact us and let us know what your future project is. Luxury Countertops will help you design the outdoor kitchen without compromising beauty or functionality.

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  1. Taylor Bishop
    Taylor BishopWednesday, October 25, 2017, 11:38

    Thanks for these designing tips for an outdoor kitchen. I'm glad that you mentioned that you should make sure that the kitchen space is protected from rain and snow. I'm interested to learn more about some tactics to accomplish this, especially if you have a large appliance out there like a bbq grill.

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