5 Advantages When Choosing Quartz Countertops

When choosing materials in your home get inspiration from looks that you like, and keep in mind to study the latest products. Today’s materials offer so many more options for long lasting great looks! Quartz countertops represent the ultimate combination of beauty and practicality, delighting the eye with its unique texture and color. Add value to your own space using quartz countertops!

The quartz countertops can be used in a variety of applications (kitchens, bathrooms, tabletops, transaction surfaces, cash wraps, work surfaces) and can work as an accent or the feature talking point of an interior space.

Take a look at some of the main advantages you’ll enjoy when choosing quartz countertops.

Quartz countertop by
  Luxury Countertops
Quartz countertop by Luxury Countertops

  1. Sustainability

Don’t we all look for healthy, sustainable spaces that communicate respect for people and our planet? Now, more than ever is important to be environmental good stewards and social responsible for our actions and choices, to be green! Creating quartz countertops that are healthy and safe products for people and for the environment is something necessary. To find out more about what an sustainable quartz countertop means read IceStone’s sustainability policy.

  1. Great diversity of patterns and colors

Quartz countertops are manufactured in a variety of different patterns and colors. With virtually unlimited options quality quartz surfaces are great for a range of applications such as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and counters, and custom solutions for home and commercial interior design. You will find at least a dozen of great materials that will stick to your mind thanks to their beauty and charm. Just take a look and be amazed by the dazzling array of colors available here.

  1. Easy to maintain

Quartz countertops are not porous therefore require no special cleaning fluids or maintenance techniques. Soap and warm water is usually sufficient, though it is best to avoid abrasive cleansers and bleach.

  1. Resistant to stains and scratches

Quartz resists staining or corrosion from cooking oils, liquids and most household cleaning products — so there's no need for periodic resealing of the surface. Good to know and good to have materials like that in your home, isn’t it so?

  1. Antimicrobial resistance

This advantage is doubled by the adding of the bacteriostatic formula based on the use of latest generation silver ions to prevent the propagation of bacterias (on Silestone quartz countertops). You can keep quartz countertops up to 99.9 percent bacteria-free.

The list of advantages is long and if you would like to find out more about quartz countertops you can read more here.

Remember that because quartz is even heavier than granite, these countertops need to be professionally installed, so DIY won’t exactly work great here. You’d better call for a professional.

Luxury Countertops is here to assist you to create the home of your dreams, without compromising beauty or performance!

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