Adding New Countertops Equals Adding to the Value of Your Home

If you are interested in ways to increase the value of your property, you know that re-making the kitchen is one of the top solutions. After all, the kitchen is still considered the heart of the home. Potential home buyers are very interested in this room when they first view a home for sale, so make sure your kitchen looks clean and expensive.

Great kitchen island

Adding stone countertops to your kitchen and bathrooms will definitely increase your home’s first impression and most of all, its value. Of course that this statement is true only when we are talking about quality materials with professional installation services.

While there are a lot of renovations you can do that will not contribute to the overall home’s value, a good stone countertop will raise the price value. You can expect to get back the value of your purchase when you resell your house later on.

Natural countertops that brings value to the house

Adding a new natural stone counter can also help your home sell faster. Sounds interesting? It’s hard to believe what a difference a quartz or granite countertop can make when it comes to selling a home. If a buyer is looking at 2 homes that are similar and one has a stone counter while the other has a laminate one, the odds are good that the home with the quartz or granite counter will be the chosen one.

A natural stone countertop looks great and expensive (which it is, let’s face it) for any kind of people, for those that like the uniform and conservative looks, as well as the ones that prefer the modern looks in the kitchen. And in the end, the aesthetics remain a personal choice, but one that can be fulfill because of the great variety of natural stones: granite, marble, quartz, quartzite, limestone, soapstone or travertine. Some of these stones are coming right out of the earth and are not perfectly designed by nature, therefore their appearance is not uniform.

Natural stone countertops and splash by Luxury Countertops

Let’s not forget the status symbol effect of a granite countertop! Back in the 1990s, granite officially became a status symbol in the world of countertops. and this symbol still exists and is in the mind of the potential buyers. Let’s face it: Granite countertops attract home buyers!

At Luxury Countertops we offer design, fabrication and installation of kitchen and bath countertops, fireplaces and surrounds. We can update any room in your home with the latest innovations and design with a unique custom touch. If you are interested in making an estimate of your work that needs to be done please contact us.

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