Which Design Would You Rather Use in Your Home?

Your home tells your story

Our home represents us, no matter the stage of life we are in right now. Our home is a reflection of our personality. The aesthetics and functionality talk about the lifestyle and beliefs. The colors used around the house speak about who we really are and what we like. The way we decorate our homes it is an extension of our attitude and feelings.

The materials that are used to build a home speak about the future plans of the homeowners, the investments made in long-term features such as granite countertops or natural flooring could indicate that the owners are committed to the long run.

Even the landscaping of your home is an indicator of your taste and style. Clean lines and symmetrical designs in your landscaping emphasize the importance of order in your life. Complicated arrangements, and intricate stonework could express a love for detail and charm that your family may hold dear, while a combinations of all these ( but in moderation) could speak about balance.

The homes with lots of storage and simple designs reflect those who are logical and calm, and like to have things neat and in complete order, or simply say that they are minimalists. The memories that can be found in various rooms, show the experiences the homeowners had so far in their lives.

Is your home telling the correct story or do you need to write a new one? Before you decide if your home needs a remodeling project, let’s find out what are your favorite designs in different rooms of the house.

Take a quiz before making a commitment

This is like a "Would you rather" game, but with the purpose to make you wonder about your design choices. Find here different examples of custom countertops that were fabricated and installed by Luxury Countertops. We would like to see what are your favorite designs and inspire you for future works. Please feel free to check the boxes below the photos.

      1. Kitchen Designs

Which of the following 4 kitchen designs would you rather have in your home?

Black Pearl granite kitchen countertops
Calcatta Vicenza quartz kitchen countertops

Golden Crystal granite kitchen countertops
White Spring granite kitchen countertops

      2. Island Designs

Which of the following 4 island designs would you rather have in your home?

White Spring granite kitchen island
Brown Antique granite kitchen island

Absolute Black granite kitchen island
Alaska Cream granite kitchen island

      3. Vanity Designs

Which of the following 4 vanity designs would you rather have in your home?

Tan Brown granite vanity countertop
Calcutta Gold marble vanity countertop

White Carrera marble vanity countertop
Crema Delicatus marble vanity countertop

      4. Kitchen Bar Designs

Which of the following 4 kitchen bar designs would you rather have in your home?

Sienna Bordeaux granite kitchen bar countertop
Brown Antique granite kitchen bar countertop

Kem Milano marble kitchen bar countertop
Black Maquira marble countertop and bar countertop

Now, if you are looking for someone to help you with the material you want and its color selections, edge detail or backsplash options, our Customer Service staff is happy to work with you. We can also help you with any material layout decisions and provide answers to any questions you may have about the entire process.

Contact us now and renew your home to reflect your style!

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