Important Signs It's Time To Change Your Kitchen Countertops

We can all agree that our countertops are our kitchen's first impression. And, so keeping them looking fresh is the best way to ensure a high-quality, trendy-looking room.

However, as time goes by you may discover that there will be some warning signs that will indicate the fact that it is time to replace the countertops in your home. In case your countertops show gashes, cuts, burns or stains that look unsightly and can’t be repaired, it is time to replace them with new countertops.

Obviously there are specific circumstances that require the need to replace kitchen countertops or else appearances and eventually functionality will continue to decline.

Have a look at these 5 signs that will surely let you know it’s time to replace your countertops:

  Signs It’s Time To Change Your Kitchen Countertops Kitchen Countertops Works by Luxury Countertops

1. Hardly removable stains or burn marks

In case your countertops have developed certain unsightly stains or burn marks that no amount of scrubbing or sealant can remove, then it may be time to change them with new ones. Also, when your countertops show serious signs of wear and tear it can make your entire kitchen look worn out and in need of a real upgrade.

2. Signs of cracks

Unfortunately low-end countertops generally tend to crack over time, at which point it might be time to change them because they may wear down to the point you can actually see the wood or other material beneath. Evidently in such a case there aren’t any repairs to solve the problem, which means that your only option is to replace your old countertops.

The good news is that nowadays you can easily upgrade to the high quality and durability of granite, marble or quartzite countertops without necessarily spending a fortune.

3. Smoke damage

Regardless of whether the damage comes from the less-than-conscientious cigarette smokers in the house or the occasional grease fire in the kitchen, smoke generally tends to get under the fibers of your countertops and not let go.

4. Outdated styles and the need to make a change

When your kitchen is old fashioned, you may feel the need to update the room with new countertops. Choosing a classic color like white or black allows you to set up a timeless design that will boost the value of your home and give you the opportunity to sell it for maximum profit when the counters are properly maintained. When choosing your new countertops be aware of the fact that choosing a material that is going to stay in style for a long time is a great idea and smart.

5. The desire to increase home value

If you are considering selling your home and your kitchen countertops are old and outdated, you may want to consider replacing them before you try to sell. Besides the fact that adding new countertops can drastically improve the appearance of your home, kitchens are also among the most important rooms to potential homebuyers. By replacing your old countertops you’ll actually be able to get more money for your home and sell it faster. So, keep in mind that by renovating/upgrading your kitchen with new countertops before considering to sell your house is always a smart idea if you want to get a good deal on the house.

The Solution

From kitchen and bathroom countertops to backsplashes, walls, floors and stairs, Luxury Countertops fabricates and installs custom solutions to fulfill your interior design needs. We can update any room in your home to the latest innovations and design with a unique custom touch. Our intricate designs are constantly evolving and developing to meet the latest world trends and the highest level of quality standards. Contact us for a free estimate and get convinced.

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